Welcome on veterinary service Pilníkov!

The Vet Clinic provides complex and effective health care for your pets. I offer a full line of canine and feline vaccinations, along with medicine, diagnostics and wellness examinations.  I offer also vet care for horses and farm animals. The veterinary ambulantion is in Pilníkov. You can also order by me various feed and other things for pet care.

Call me and I will visit You and Your animal! See contact.



,,Some equipments is sponsored of European Union."



03/10/2012 18:09
I create a Facebook profile of my webpages. I put there 2 presentations of the most interesting travels, which I made during my studies. You can visit us here.
03/10/2012 17:42
If You have any questions or any problem, which are not acute, You can send me a message here.
03/10/2012 17:38
Today I start to translate my webpages in english. Lot of foreign people already contact me, so this is my reaction to Your interest. Thank You.


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